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The team of winners!
i-Media is the team of experts with years of successful experience in the field of internet advertising

Our certificates and awards speak louder than words about the results of our effective work in the Russian Internet advertising market.

Analyze this!
We optimize your advertising budget

i-Medias professionally adjusted Internet statistics counters (Google.Analytics, Yandex.Metrika) and the Call Tracking System will allow to compare the efficiency of advertising mediums, thus optimizing your Internet advertising budget.

Up to the top!
i-Media employs only effective SEO technologies

Through the use of Linkotec, the i-Medias sophisticated link quality analyzer, and other know-how tools we improve the efficiency of advancing queries to the top, reduce the time for your website promotion and save up to 40% of your Internet advertising budget, making your online advertising efforts more profitable.

Achieve your goal!
i-Media will help your site rank above your competitors

i-Medias Context Motor along with industry solutions (/E-Commerce, /Air Ticket) based on this product may increase your pay per click advertising efficiency by more than 30%!


About us

  • Undisputed leader in the Russian SEO and Pay Per Click advertising market since 2003
  • Over 100 qualified specialists on the staff
  • More than 500 loyal clients, and the number is constantly growing


  • SEO and PPC advertising in the Russian Search Engines (Yandex.ru, Google.ru, Search.Mail.ru)
  • Development of SEO and PPC advertising strategy in Russia
  • Analysis of your competitors’ activity in SEO and PPC advertising in Russia
  • Independent audit of your SEM in Russia
  • Web analytics and consulting (Google Analytics Certified Partner)
  • Development and promotion of the Russian-language version of your website